Running Playlists for July 2013

Jesse McFarland Running Coach Denver By Jesse McFarland CSCS

Every month Download Running Programs will be sharing a playlist of running songs from one of our coaches, bloggers, or runners. These are real songs that deliver a solid running tempo beat or motivational lyrics. These are NOT all your typical dance/remix songs. We take a mixture of rock, alternative, hip-hop, with some techno and create mixture of some new and some old music to form an entertaining running playlist. For more running songs, see our August Running Playlist and September Running Playlist.
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July Playlist 2013:

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You can listen to the July Playlist 2013 here
Warm Up:

Disarm: By Smashing Pumpkins
Intro: by The XX (Bonus Track Version)
Roll Away Your Stone: by Mumford & Sons
Too Close: by Alex Clare
I Miss You: by Blink-182
Ho Hey: by the Lumineers
Black: by Pearl Jam
Feel So Close: by Calvin Harris
Memories: by Weezer
The Fall: by Flutlicht
Just Lose It: by Eminem
Snow: by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Adam’s Song: by Blink-182
Cool Down:
Black Hole Sun: by Chris Cornell

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