Runners Achilles Tendonitis

Jesse McFarland Running Coach Denver By: Jesse McFarland, CSCS
Currently, I’m training for a marathon in Denver. After completing a 12 mile training run last Sunday, I noticed my achilles tendon was very tight. With some obvious inflammation, I determined that it’s achilles tendonitis. If you’ve suffered from achilles tendonitis, you would know that it’s rather painful and can be quite limiting. For those that don’t know, your achilles tendon is attached from your heel or calcaneus, that leads to your calf muscle or plantaris, gastrocnemius, and soleus muscles. Basically, achilles tendonitis is inflammation of your achilles tendon.

Symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis:

achilles-tendonPain close and above the heel. Can be sharp while running or walking, dull when resting.
Obvious inflammation and slight swelling.
Difficult ankle dorsiflexion and plantar flexion.

Causes of Achilles Tendonitis:

Overtraining. Training with high mileage, long runs for runners.
Ankle pronation.
Inappropriate or worn out footwear.
Tight calf muscles.
What caused achilles tendonitis for me is ankle pronation, my long run (that I might not have been ready for), and tight calf muscles. with proper training and stretching, two out of three of these reasons could have been prevented (training, tight calf muscles).

Treatment for Achilles Tendonitis:

Decrease or stop running.
Massaging the calf muscles.
Increase flexibility of the calf muscles: try eccentric heel drops
Tools for massage/break-up scar tissue: Foam Roller, Massage Stick.

Runners Foam Roller  Marathon Rolling Stick

Try icing your achilles with an ice wrap.

Achilles Tendon Ice Wrap

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