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I am so blessed to live in one of the best parks in Denver Colorado. Wash Park or (Washington Park) offers all types of activities, picnics, playgrounds, boating on the pond, volleyball, bbq, tennis, basketball, etc. (here’s a great blog post on 30 activities in Wash Park). Wash Park is also one of the most popular places to run in all of Denver. Washington Park is located in South Denver and is about 1 mile North from University of Denver.

Running in Wash Park Denver CO:

Wash-Park-Running-RouteDepending on which path you take, the average distance around the park in whole is 2 to 2.5 miles. The most popular route is a gravel running path and you will see runners on this nearly every hour of the day and everyday of the year. Yes, I’ve seen people running late at night and even during a blizzard in the winter. There are all types of people who run this path. (I should know as I’ve been passed by every type). Marathoners, 5Ker’s, walkers, pregnant women groups, exercisers, Jeff Galloway runners,dog runners/walkers, and geese & ducks all enjoy the running path at Wash Park. By the way, watch out for the geese in Spring time. After their newborns hatch, the parents get quite territorial and I’ve been nipped several times (startling, not painful).

Map of Wash Park Denver CO


Thunderstorm Sunset Wash Park Denver

There are several running routes in Wash Park. According to my training runs while using the running app MapMyRun, the distance around the running gravel path is 2.5 miles. According to the Wash Park website, the perimeter is 2.35 miles, the roadway (pavement path) is 2.27 miles, path around Grasmere Lake is .80 miles, path around Meadow is .90 miles, and Smith Lake is .65 miles. If you are running, walking, or crossing the bike path, make sure you pay attention to cyclist and don’t walk or run on their side of the road. This is the only potentially dangerous part of the park as there a lot of bikers and some don’t obey the speed limit. However, I’ve seen Park Rangers enforce this often lately.

5K’s in Wash Park Denver CO

Wash Park is perfect for 5K training runs and it’s a destination for many 5K races and charity runs/walks. There is also several different running groups that meet at the park nearly year round. You can find our more information at the Wash Park Rec Center (Oh ya, there’s a rec center too!). Personally, my favorite event/running group is the Wash Park Pub Run. The pub run starts at Whole Foods at 6:30pm every Wednesday and ends at Pub on Pearl. At the pub, you get a free healthy dinner from Whole Foods and a free beer from the pub. It’s a fun run and a great social event that occurs every Wednesday from April through the Fall. Do it 10 times, and you get a free T-shirt!
Washington Park in Denver is just one of the many fun and popular places to run in my favorite place on Earth: Colorado. Download Running Programs is always looking to improve our Running Blog, let us know where your favorite places are to run and train.

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