Half Marathon Running Programs

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Half Marathon Training ProgramHalf Marathon Training Programs, 12 weeks long training 4 days a week.

Guide for Half Marathon Running Programs:

  • Beginner: “I’m green. And I don’t know what I’m doing”
  • Experienced: “This ain’t my first rodeo… it’s my second or third”
  • Advanced: “Ya, ya… Tell me what to do and I’ll do it”
  • Expert: “I want to win”

If this is your first Half Marathon or you are new to running then Beginner might be right for you. A Beginner has trouble running 3 miles without stopping. If you’ve done a couple of Half Marathons in your day but you don’t run consistently, then Experienced might be right for you. An Experienced runner has trouble running 5-6 miles without stopping. Advanced, you’ve done quite a few races and run consistently. The thought of doing a half marathon or marathon isn’t scary for you. Expert, you plan to win the Half Marathon or at least your age group.

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