Running Music

We’re here to help you build an awesome running playlist. The running songs we recommend come from a wide variety of music: Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Techno, Rap, Country, Classic, New, Oldies, 80’s, 70’s, etc.

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Mp3 players, smart phones, and headphones are now used as standard running equipment. Many people spend more time researching and finding running songs then it takes to do their training runs. When creating a running playlist, it’s easy to run out of unique music by overplaying the songs that you already currently own.
Yurbuds-Ironman-Series-Sport-Headphones-6Download Running Programs is here to help you find new running music to load up your mobile devices so you can go out and stay motivate and enjoy your run. Many running websites recommend crap like pop music or remixes that blend together. Sure there’s a beat with this type of music, but it just flat out gets old. The running songs we recommend have variety, so you won’t get bored.